At training club WILL you train in a stylish environment in small groups or individually.


Private atmosphere with a motivating and result-oriented approach. 

Step ONE 

An intake consultation which is completely free. Based on this conversation we get an idea of your aspirations, physical state and time commitment.

Step TWO

An assessment of your fitness. Here we check your overall physical fitness at the start of your course.
In this second phase we do a hormonal check up. This will be the basis for the nutrition plan that sets out a diet for the consumption of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, again in function of your personal goal: bulking up or losing weight. Vegan nutrition plans are also among the possibilities. 


Let's start!

Let's Work Together

We work with goal-oriented trajectories that are custom designed for you. In addition to a physical component, these processes also include a lifestyle component: food, alcohol consumption, stairs versus elevator, bicycle versus car…